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If your business has been searching for an off-site shredding service, then look no further than Weeshred Ltd.

Our shredding services are done in a secure building with a 24-hour CCTV to ensure that your documents safe during the shredding process.

Weeshred Ltd has operated for well over 20 years and provides a certificate of destruction upon completion of the shredding job.

We offer a shredding service that suits your needs and will make arrangements with your business to ensure that the shredding process goes off without a hitch.

There’s so much we can offer, such as just a single visit for a large-scale shredding, or even monthly visits that suit the busy schedule of your company.

We want our shredding services to meet your working hours, so we’re happy to arrange for a pickup after hours if this is what it takes to meet the stringent security requirements of your company.

Shredding is an important keystone when it comes to deleting data forever, and Weeshred Ltd. strives to ensure that data (both physical and software) is permanently destroyed in our industrial shredding machines.

As we’re in the business of making sure that your data is securely destroyed, we can offer you help and advice with the 1998 Data Protection Act.

When many important, personal documents relating to your employees and yourself are to be shredded, we work hard to meet these stringent compliant laws and regulations in regards to our shredding service.

You and your clients need not worry about your Industrial paper shredding needs, simply call or contact us online to discover which shredding service suits you.

We’ve got the best advice as we’ve spent many years in the shredding business ensuring that our product offering cannot be beaten.

Our off-site shredding services includes feature like:–

  • – Locked and secure containers transported to your place of business. Load the containers with everything that needs to be securely shredded and we’ll do the rest.
  • We accommodate your busy schedule. Do you only need our shredding services for that one time, or will you require a weekly or monthly shredding service? Whatever your choice is, we’ll do our utmost to meet your needs. We have all the equipment it takes to shred even the biggest loads.
  • Our customer service representatives have been specially trained to deal with this form of document handling. Owing to the private nature of your confidential documents, it takes a specially trained team to handle fully off-site shredding services. We are that team and can assist you!
  • All of your documents are fully tracked with state-of-the-art GPS systems. This is what it takes to ensure that nothing gets lost in the chain of command. From your site to our shredding machines nothing will get lost along the way. It’s just another feature from Weeshred that ensures peace-of-mind. We do this at no extra cost to you or your company.
  • Your confidential information is kept safe and secure every step of the way, using our tried and tested procedures. Nothing can go wrong if you stick with us, as we’ve developed systems, alongside the regulatory bodies to ensure safe and effective disposal of your information.
  • Once the job is done, we’ll issue you with a certificate to verify that your documents have been safely destroyed in our industrial shredding machines off-site. This is yet another way that you can be assured that nothing goes missing once it leaves your office. Trust in our shredding services.

    We provide cost-effective off-site shredding, at a price any business can afford.

    Here’s how it could work for your company: you purchase bins from us, the employees drop the personal information in the bins, we pick up the bins at a time most suitable for you and take it to the off-site facility for destruction.

    We keep this chain of the process as simple and flawless as possible to ensure that absolutely no one can interfere with this highly specialised process

    This is nothing short of the complete destruction of your records, as well as your business documents. It’s hard to trust any other shredding services to provide an option as well honed as that.

    Our shredding solutions are also environmentally friendly, and we comply with strict governmental regulations regarding recycling.

    With this much material being destroyed, it would be in poor taste if we didn’t have the correct recycling option in place.

    Thankfully, our highly trained team and specialised machines work round-the-clock to meet the proper processes.

    Your data destruction policies should not only be limited to paper only, as we offer world-class physical data destruction.It’s just another way that we’re protecting your best interests.

    You can’t trust just any of the shredding services out there, as they may not offer what we can provide you and your company.

    Information needs to be safeguarded, especially in this digital age where it’s easy for nefarious individuals to get their hands on your precious information.

    Don’t put you or your company at risk any longer.

    Get in touch with Weeshred Ltd. right now and we’ll put you at ease when it comes to providing one of the best possible shredding services for a company of any size.

    Call us up and we’ll assess your needs at no risk on your behalf. We’re ready and waiting to answer any question you may have regarding our shredding services.

    There is simply no better option!

Our Clients Include

NHS, Financial Companies Colleges & Schools Solicitors, Insurance Brokers Travel Agents, High St Shops Archive Companies, Councils


Weeshred are without doubt the most professional document shredding company I have ever worked with and I’ve worked with quite a few. more …     Recycling

Other Services

Shredding of uniforms, DVD’s, CD’s, Data Tapes, Merchandise products, Floppy Disks, Site Clearance, Ad hoc collections