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Weeshred Ltd have provided secure document destruction for over 30 years to more than 700 customers. 

All staff vetted to BS7585 and have been screened to British Standard.  We also have a fully alarmed centre for the materials we hold. 

CCTV / ADT monitoring.24 hours.

We provide certificates of destruction for our work.

This must strictly complied with BSEN:15713 - 2009.

All confidential documents that enter our facility are processed within 1 hour of being received.

Flexible Service providedWe also understand the need to work around your needs, and will arrange a service to suit your requirements.

Whether you are a business in need of regular collections of sensitive material, or just require a one-off visit, we will set up the necessary arrangements.

If you would prefer to bring your confidential paperwork to our Bury depot, this is also available.

Our service is also available outside of office hours if this is preferable to minimise any potential breach of security.

Data Protection Advice Also Available

Given the nature of our business, we also offer assistance with the 1998 Data Protection Act.

In addition to ethical considerations that public bodies such as the NHS and schools may have, the Act has implications for data security.

With personnel files, PAYE records, VAT records, customer information and banking information amongst areas subject to the legislation, we can help ensure your company is compliant.

We also offer advice on the best methods of ensuring that your clients need have no worries about the data you hold on them.

For paper shredding in a secure environment, call on 0161 796 2226

Most industries are looking for companies who will do paper shredding service.

This is in compliance with the law which requires paper shredding of documents containing confidential information of persons.

Government agencies, as well as medical and legal agencies are likewise required to comply with paper shredding.

These agencies and industries are keeping confidential information of their clients, which law requires, must be secured and a corresponding paper trail is maintained to insure that these documents were stored and finally destroyed.

What would a company or an agency look for when choosing paper shredding services?

First you have to know how much they charge for paper shredding. Generally paper shredding companies charge not by weight but by box. A box is classified as file or bank.

It is important to know how much they charge by box so that you can compare the cost. It is also good to find out if they have extra charges on top of the cost per box.

It is also good to determine how often the company will pick-up the documents to be shredded. Some companies do it weekly while others do it monthly.

The frequency of the service varies among paper shredding companies and the individual need of the companies seeking service.

.One of the things that one should look for in a paper shredding company is security that nobody can see the documents being shredded. The box is securely locked and nobody can handle the documents inside before shredding.

This must be strictly complied with by the paper shredding company.

The company that you will choose must have a security line. It has a record of the time and trail of the documents from the moment it leaves your company, until it arrives the shredding point.

It also has records of employees handling the documents. Always make sure that cross-shredding is used because it is more secured than strip-cutting.

The documents are shredded into small pieces and in different shapes.

This will insure that that the documents can no longer be put together and sensitive information may be revealed.Another thing to look for in a paper shredding company is whether they are offering other kinds of shredding services aside from documents.

Some companies have to destroy hard drives which stores sensitive information in digital forms. Other companies would also want destruction of their prototypes and product samples so that competitors will have no chance to examine them.

Lastly, look for a paper shredding company that has a good customer support.

A good company would be easy to work with. Their customer support team will help to set up the service in just a few minutes and will offer you a free quotation.

If you have any question or clarification regarding the safety or your company’s documents, they are ready to answer you immediately by phone or send you an e-mail. They will not make you wait for long.

Our Clients Include

NHS, Financial Companies
Colleges & Schools
Solicitors, Insurance Brokers
Travel Agents, High St Shops
Archive Companies, Councils


Weeshred are without doubt the most professional document shredding company I have ever worked with and I’ve worked with quite a few. more …     Recycling

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